Box Office USA: Record-Breaking “Civil War”

A24’s most expensive production lived up to the studio’s expectations. “Civil War” took the top spot, setting a record for the highest opening for an A24 film. However, whether this is enough to consider the film a box office hit remains to be seen.

The budget for “Civil War” is estimated at $50 million. Meanwhile, the film raked in half of that amount for its opening, precisely $25.7 million. That’s significant and was enough to secure the first place. However, the film didn’t please everyone and received only a B- CinemaScore, which could signify a significant drop in the following week.

It wasn’t the only new title in the top ten. Debuting at the eighth spot was the true story-inspired “The Long Game” – a film about Mexican immigrants who competed for the Texas championship in golf against a team of privileged, wealthy whites. The film earned $1.4 million.

Returning to theaters, “Shrek 2” achieved almost the same result. This is a reason for Universal to boast, as Disney’s recent re-releases haven’t made it to the top ten.

Above that was the recording of a solo concert by BTS member “Suga|Agust: Tour D-Day – The Movie”. The film earned $2.2 million in its opening.

In the upcoming week, American distributors have prepared a lot of premieres. The creators of “Scream VI” return with the vampire horror “Abigail”. Guy Ritchie has another war film with an impressive cast – “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare”. Anime fans, on the other hand, will be able to watch last year’s production “Spy × Family Code: White”.

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