Keanu Reeves in the spectacle “Sonic 3”. But you won’t see him

It might seem that Paramount Pictures would announce this at CinemaCon. And even though video footage from the movie “Sonic 3” was shown, the name of the new star in the cast has only just been revealed. The role has been given to none other than John Wick and Neo – Keanu Reeves.

Shadow in the cinematic version of “Sonic”

However, Keanu Reeves will not appear on screen. In the movie “Sonic 3”, we will only hear his voice. He will lend it to a new character in the movie series, well known to gamers. That character is Shadow.

In “Sonic 3”, Shadow will be created by the despondent failures of Doctor Robotnik. He has all of Sonic’s powers but is a darker character. In the games, Shadow made his debut in 2001 in “Sonic Adventure 2”.

“Sonic the Hedgehog” – Paramount’s hit

“Sonic the Hedgehog” told the story of a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog who came to Earth from space. His life on the alien planet seems complicated until he meets a new friend – local policeman Tom Wachowski. Together, they join forces to stop the actions of Dr. Robotnik, who wants to capture Sonic and use his extraordinary powers to take over the world.

The first part earned over $300 million worldwide. The second one did even better – over $400 million. In recent years, few Paramount titles have sold so well.

Trailer for the movie “Sonic 2: The Hedgehog”

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