Box Office World: “Inside Out 2” Hits One Billion Dollars and Breaks Another Record

Hollywood has been waiting for this moment for four long months. For the first time since February, the highest-grossing film premiere of 2024 worldwide is an American production. “Inside Out 2” has surpassed two Chinese mega-hits and became the first film this year to earn at least half a billion dollars outside the USA.

Globally, this brings its total to one billion dollars, specifically $1,014.8 million. “Inside Out 2” is the 11th animated film in history to reach the billion-dollar mark. Additionally, this milestone was achieved in record time.

“Inside Out 2” had no real competition globally, although there were more films with good weekend results this time. The new Pixar movie easily outdistanced the rest of the pack, raking in $94.2 million. The only major new market was New Zealand, where the film earned $1.7 million by the end of the week.

Trailer for the Animation “Inside Out 2”

Indian cinema continues its impressive streak. The new production “Kalki 2898 AD” is breaking popularity records. Over the weekend alone, the film earned $41.3 million. Since it premiered on Thursday, its total earnings are $55.1 million. Including revenues from America, the total comes to $66 million.

“A Quiet Place: Day One” debuts in third place on our list. Weekend earnings are estimated at $39.8 million. Since the film began earning on Wednesday, its total is $45.5 million. This is the best opening for the entire series.

The best market for the film turned out to be China, where “A Quiet Place: Day One” earned $9.8 million, placing third. The UK contributed $3.9 million, and Australia $2.6 million.

Number four on our list is the Chinese romance “Yun bian you ge xiao mai bu” (Moments We Shared). During its second weekend, the film earned $13.8 million domestically. Its total is now $49.5 million.

The animation “Minions: Undercover” is slowly gaining momentum. During its second weekend, the film expanded to 20 markets. We estimate that the animation earned $13.2 million over the weekend alone. This brings its total to $25.3 million so far.

Last weekend, the film earned the most in Chile at its opening – $2.5 million. This is a new record for the entire series, showing that the success of “Inside Out 2” (which is the highest-grossing film in Chilean history) does not threaten the potential of competition from Universal Studios. “Minions: Undercover” also had a strong opening in Colombia ($1.7 million).

Under the pressure of competition, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” faltered. Ranked second last week, it fell to sixth place. Last weekend, the film earned $13.1 million, bringing its total worldwide earnings to $166.7 million and $332 million globally.

Our list closes with a new release from China, the action thriller “Hoi Gwaan Zin Sin” (Customs Frontline). Expectations for this title were much higher, but the film failed to even top the local box office. It placed second with $10.2 million.

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