Brutal “The Last of Us” finale: This one death will still be damn important

A seemingly insignificant death received special attention in the last episode – and that’s no coincidence!

– Warning: Spoilers for episode 9 of “The Last of Us” follow! –

So, ten years after the hit game was first released, quite a few people were able to enjoy the terrific ending to The Last of Us, even though they never played the title. It was made possible by the series of the same name, which recently celebrated the finale of the first season. Despite some changes, including revealing the real reason for Ellie’s immunity, this ending stayed remarkably close to the original’s conclusion. Why should you change something that has been widely praised and hotly debated for more than a decade? By the way, if you are still unsure what to make of the ending, this article might help you:

So in the series version, a number of Fireflies had to lose their lives because Joel (Pedro Pascal) decided to save Ellie (Bella Ramsey); even if it means that a potential vaccine against Cordyceps infection cannot be produced. The most emotional death for the viewers must have been that of Firefly leader Marlene (Merle Dandridge), after all, she was the only one of Joel’s victims who was really known. However, another murder he committed in that finale has far more serious ramifications, as those who know the video game sequel The Last of Us Part II (available here on Amazon) already know.

While we’ll spare you the details of what to expect in Season 2 of The Last of Us here, there are still a few elements that we need to address to clarify the true meaning of a particular death in the finale. Read on at your own risk! If instead you would rather know what danger the real Cordyceps fungus poses to humanity, our video will help you.

This death will still be important in season 2
Some unsuspecting viewers may have been surprised in the finale that the doctor who was shot by Joel in the operating room was shown so explicitly in an extra shot. That wasn’t a coincidence and it’s not just because Joel killed perhaps the only person who could have made a vaccine. The death of this doctor actually kicks off practically the entire plot of Season 2 of The Last of Us!

Because what we know thanks to the second game: The doctor’s name was Jerry Anderson and he has a daughter named Abby. She plays a pivotal role as the story unfolds, as she seeks revenge after her father’s murder and ultimately sets out to bring Joel to justice – which, of course, puts her on a direct confrontation course with him and Ellie.

At this point, we do not want to reveal exactly how this conflict ends. However, if you watch the first nine episodes of “The Last of Us” again before the start of season 2, you should certainly look at Jerry Anderson’s death differently now, just as many players did after the release of the sequel and the revelations there.

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