“Creed III” has maintained its position as the top movie at the Box Office World

"Creed III" has maintained its position as the top movie at the Box Office World

Creed III Recently, cinemas around the world have been packed with viewers and American productions have finally joined the competition. Two Hollywood titles have made it to the top three, but Asian cinema is still going strong. Not only films from China, but also from Japan and India have achieved great results over the weekend.

“Creed III” has remained at the number one spot, grossing $24 million in its second weekend. The film is performing especially well in Europe, having earned $12.4 million in France, $11.3 million in the UK, $7.9 million in Germany, and $5.9 million in Italy after 12 days of screening. In total, foreign receipts amount to USD 78 million and global receipts amount to USD 179.4 million.

The Chinese comedy-drama “Bao Ni Ping An” (Post Truth) takes the number two spot on our list, grossing $20.8 million in its first three days. The story follows a man who may lose a graveyard due to rumors.

In third place is the American slasher film “Scream VI”, which debuted in 53 countries worldwide and grossed $18.8 million over the weekend. Since its premiere on Wednesday, it has earned $22.6 million, making it the best opening in the history of the series, 60% better than the launch of “Scream” a year ago.

“Scream VI” boasts a record-breaking opening in 29 countries, including the UK, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, the Netherlands, and Italy. The UK is the best foreign market with $3.6 million, while the film also performed well in France ($3.5 million). In both countries, however, “Scream VI” lost to “Creed III”. It was also number two in Mexico with $2.0 million but took the top spot in Australia and Brazil with $1.8 million and $1.8 million, respectively.

The second Chinese film on our list is the thriller “Hui lang ting” (Revival), which is an adaptation of the Japanese crime thriller Keigo Higashino. It earned $11.6 million over the weekend.

Marvel’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantomania” dropped from second to fifth, grossing $9.8 million. Its total earnings are now $249.6 million. Comparing the results of previous parts from the same markets but without China, “Quantomania” sold 10% better than the first “Ant-Man” but 13% worse than “Ant-Man and the Wasp”.

The Bollywood romantic comedy “Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar” had a strong opening, earning $8.7 million over the weekend and $11.5 million since its Wednesday premiere, while the Japanese animation “Suzume no Tojimari” returned to our list thanks to a phenomenal start in South Korea, earning $7.9 million in five days. This brought its total receipts to $6.0 million over the weekend, making it one of the greatest Japanese hits of all time.

Finally, the Adam Driver-starring survival spectacle “65” debuted in 32 countries and earned an estimated $5.8 million over the weekend. The film grossed $8.5 million outside of the US, with the best market being the UK, where it earned $1.5 million. “65” will gradually appear in other countries, with debuts in France and Spain this month, in South Korea and Italy in April, and in Japan in May.

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