“Eo” at the Festival in Cannes – filmmaker Skolimowski’s film about theordeal of a donkey

“Eo” is one of the most unusual strips at the Cannes Film Festival. A film about the living conditions of animals that goes back to the Polish doyen Jerzy Skolimowski and which he himself calls one of the most important films of his life.

A real animal lover

Due to health reasons, he was unable to travel to the Croisette to introduce Eo with his partner and producer Ewa Piaskowska.

Piaskowska says, “Eo is definitely the most honest of his films because he loves animals very much, they are very important to him. I see that every day when he takes care of our dog and how he feels for him; the way biting his muzzle. Those are real, deep feelings.”

ordeal of a donkey
“Eo” is about a donkey who comes from a Polish circus and from there ends up in a horse stable and a fox farm in an Italian palace and finally in a slaughterhouse. The animal meets good and cruel people, feels joy and pain, and discovers a modern Europe on its journey from Poland to Italy.

Cooperation with Skolimovsky
When we met, we knew immediately that we had found each other.

The donkey also makes the acquaintance of Vito, played by Lorenzo Zurzolo.

He recalls, “I auditioned in Italy because he was looking for an Italian actor. Of course he didn’t come for the first audition, but he did for the second. When we met, we knew immediately that we had found each other. He did explained to me the ideas he had about the film and the role. I was very excited because I’m a big fan of his.”

Eo impresses with its aesthetics and camera work and the original narrative material. Good chances of a palm tree are calculated for him. We will learn more at the awards ceremony on Saturday evening in Cannes.

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