James Wan encourages fans’ “Malignant 2” campaign

The director, who surprised with the bizarre thriller last year, supports the fans’ will for more.

The Australian filmmaker who is currently filming “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom” took a chat with Screen Rant about the 4K release of “Malignant” where he mentioned his support for fans’ attempts to get a sequel made. He says that a second to the horror ice is entirely possible but that it is up to the audience and suggests the hashtag # Malignant2 to encourage film companies to get the ball rolling.

Wan debuted and broke through with “Saw”, and “Insidious” and “The Conjuring” turned him into one of the new masters of horror before moving on to million-dollar franchises such as “Fast & Furious 7” and “Aquaman”. Last year, he returned to the horror genre with “Malignant”, an original thriller with a much more modest budget.

Unfortunately, the film did not bring in much money in the cinemas, but with its crazy story and violent effects quickly became a cult film that was even praised by Stephen King himself. For all bloodthirsty horror fans, it was a great opportunity to see something fun, scary and bloody that was not already a sequel, remake or prequel in any milked-out franchise. If another movie is the right way to go but it undoubtedly feels a little fresher with “Malignant 2” than any franchise title part 8.

Whether Wan has anything with a possible sequel is doubtful as he is currently busy with the second Aquaman film which is scheduled to be released only in March 2023. But he continues to be active as a producer in the horror genre so we keep our fingers crossed that he will have something to do with “Malignant 2” – if it gets rid of.

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