“Fallout” Ending: What the Finale Means for Amazon’s Sci-Fi Hit’s New Episodes

The conclusion of “Fallout” provides a significant hint about what’s to come in the second season. Discover what the final scene suggests in the following lines.

  • Warning: Spoilers for “Fallout” Season 1 ahead! –

With the first season of “Fallout,” Amazon took us on a wild journey through the post-apocalyptic wasteland. The series has captivated viewers, even those unfamiliar with the video game origins, with its uniquely twisted world. However, the end of the first season offers a big teaser for where “Fallout” Season 2 is headed. We’ll reveal what the last scene means.

The first season finale of “Fallout” unveiled many secrets. Lucy (Ella Purnell) learns, among other things, that her father Hank (Kyle MacLachlan) is actually a Vault-Tec employee who was frozen in a cryo-pod and awakened around two centuries later. It’s also revealed that Hank found his wife Rose (Elle Vertes), who fled to Shady Sands with Lucy and Norm (Moises Arias) from Vault 33, retrieved the children, and then dropped a bomb on Shady Sands, reducing the former metropolis to rubble and nearly wiping out all life.

However, contrary to the assumption that Rose perished in the destruction of Shady Sands, Moldaver (Sarita Choudhury) informs Lucy that her mother is still alive. Sitting at Moldaver’s shelter is a ghoul, who is Rose. Moldaver has kept Frank’s wife alive all these years, but unlike Cooper Howard (Walton Goggins), Rose has mutated into a feral ghoul, leaving little resemblance to the Rose Frank once knew.

“Fallout” Finale: Last Scene Teases Exciting New Location As Maximus arrives at the destroyed observatory, where the MacLean reunion takes place and Hank has been freed from his cell, he knocks Maximus down and flees – injured by a gunshot wound inflicted by the ghoul – into the wasteland wearing the power armor of the newly knighted member of the Steel Brotherhood. He marches through the desert, and the camera captures the skull of a deathclaw – those tyrannical creatures of the wasteland familiar to many players from the games.

In the final scene, we see where Hank’s journey has taken him. In the middle of the desert, he gazes upon a walled city on the horizon, distinguished by a unique tower. This is New Vegas, the metropolis known from the game of the same name, which relatively survived the Great War compared to other major cities. In “Fallout” Season 2, we can thus look forward to one of the most exciting locations in the video game series.

With New Vegas as the setting, new factions could also be introduced into the storyline. In the source material, for example, you can join Caesar’s Legion in the outskirts of New Vegas, a fearsome imperialist, totalitarian dictatorship spreading fear and terror in the wasteland. In the city itself, you’ll find the Kings, a gang of Elvis impersonators, the Chairmen who control New Vegas, and the Gourmands, rumored to be a group of cannibals. Therefore, we can be excited to see which factions will be introduced in the new episodes.

If you want to rewatch the first season of “Fallout,” you can stream all eight episodes now on Prime Video. All you need is a membership to Amazon’s streaming service.

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