“Furiosa” will match “Mad Max: Fury Road”? 78 days of shooting for one sequence

“Mad Max: Fury Road” set the bar high. Will “Furiosa,” serving as both a prequel and a spin-off to the 2015 spectacle, manage to at least reach it? According to the blog World of Reel, George Miller’s latest work will not lack spectacular sequences. Filming one of them reportedly took 78 days.

15-minute action sequence in “Furiosa”. It took 2.5 months to film.

The work on the 15-minute sequence, referred to as “Stairway to Nowhere” during the production of “Furiosa,” lasted a whopping 78 shooting days. Known for his perfectionism, George Miller spent a long time developing successive storyboards. Anya Taylor-Joy, embodying the titular heroine, claims it was the longest sequence the team ever worked on.

Filming for “Furiosa” began on June 1, 2022, in Australia and lasted until October 2022. The spectacle’s budget amounted to 168 million dollars.

What is “Furiosa: Mad Max Saga” about? Watch the trailer.

“Furiosa,” serving as both a prequel and a spin-off to “Mad Max: Fury Road,” will debut at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where it will be screened out of competition. It will hit Polish cinemas on May 24. Check out the trailer:

As the world crumbles, young Furiosa is abducted from the Green Place of Many Mothers. She falls into the hands of the mighty Horde of Bikers, led by the warlord Dementus. After traversing the Wasteland, the kidnappers reach the Citadel, ruled by Immortan Joe. Two tyrants begin to fight for power, while Furiosa must endure many trials, simultaneously gathering the means to return home.

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