Fans sure for hint: This Marvel star is the next James Bond for the 007 action series

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007 fans are in turmoil: An Instagram post is enough evidence for them to believe that the next James Bond actor could already be certain.

Everyone wants to be the successor. No wonder, it is currently undoubtedly the hottest, most coveted and most lucrative vacancy in the film business: we are talking about the role as agent of His Majesty James Bond 007. In 2021, the Daniel Craig era ended after 15 years and five films (“Casino Royale”, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre, No Time To Die) came to a glorious end. In his time, Daniel Craig introduced some traits and character traits that made his Bond and Bond generally fit for modern society.

The MI6 agent had never before been portrayed so vulnerable, so emotionally driven and so human. Sure, Craig’s predecessors were charming, witty, outgoing, but also considerate and extraordinarily intelligent. On the other hand, they were also calculating, manipulative, even sometimes sociopathic. Craig molded his Bond iteration into a real human. It was believed that his Bond, despite all the ice-cold precision in his job and as an agent, also has a compassionate and emotional side, that he does not completely negate any consequences that his actions entail. It was not for nothing that Craig’s Bond was driven by revenge. Bond has never been tougher, but he’s also never been more sensitive.

For the next actor, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, the people behind the ancestral Bond production company Eon Productions, want an actor in his late 30s. Actors who were too young, in their opinion, did not have the experience and serenity needed to portray James Bond, while actors too old might not have the stamina to play 007 for the required length of time.

Other requirements include that the actor in question should not have played a defining role if possible; After all, Bond shouldn’t just be one of several well-known roles in his vita, but should stand out from the crowd. Every actor should be aware that Bond will turn his (private) life upside down. You have to be able to deal with this popularity. It mustn’t go to your head. For this reason alone, a solid late thirties is preferable.

One actor who pretty much ticks all the boxes is Richard Madden. He is British, 36 years old and above all a well-known and popular actor, but not a superstar. Currently, the “Game of Thrones” star, who already had an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with “Eternals”, is in the new Amazon agent series “Citadel” from “Avengers: Endgame” directors Joe and Anthony Russo, which is available with a Prime subscription at no additional cost.

Richard Madden as the new James Bond: hint or joke?
With “Citadel” and 2018’s thriller series “Bodyguard,” Madden has delivered two extremely impressive performances that alone could be seen as promising applications for the Bond role. In fact, he is one of the hottest contenders along with other colleagues such as Ben Barnes, George MacKay, Henry Golding and Joseph Quinn.

Now he and “Citadel” co-star Stanley Tucci have posted a clip via Instagram of them enjoying a glass of martini at a bar. This is known to be James Bond’s favorite drink. Tucci asks Madden how his drink is, to which Madden replies, “Excellent”:

Of course, the fans roll over themselves. The majority is sure that this is the next Bond actor. This indication is more than clear, so the tenor. Others, however, believe that Tucci and Madden were just joking to fuel the rumor mill. And seriously, no actor would thwart previously highly classified conversations in such a manner. It’s quite possible that Broccoli and Wilson are again planning the reveal of Craig’s successor as a big event and would certainly not welcome a candidate throwing such hints.


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