Box Office World: It’s-a me, Billion! “Super Mario Bros. Movie” with a billion dollars


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Has become! We have the first billion dollars this year. Admittedly, not from foreign markets, but globally, nevertheless it is a great thing. “Super Mario Bros. Film” is the tenth animation (or eleventh, if someone counts “The Lion King” from 2019 as an animation) that succeeded in this art. It is also the third animated production by Illumination to break this barrier.

“Super Mario Bros. Film” currently grosses $1.022 billion. Of this, $532.5 million comes from the world and the rest from America.

The animation, of course, remained number one on our list, although three Chinese premieres chased it as soon as they could. Premieres in Japan and South Korea played a major role in maintaining the position of the leader. Especially in the former, the result of “Super Mario Bros. Film” is excellent. This is the first American production in a long time that was able to compete on an equal footing with local hits. The animation grossed $14.3 million there. In yen terms, it is the second best April opening and the eighth all-time three-day opening.

In South Korea, Super Mario Bros. Film grossed $4.7 million over the weekend. Because it premiered on Wednesday, it grossed $5.8 million by the end of the week. It is the second best opening in Korea this year.

Overall “Super Mario Bros. Film” weekend grosses totaled $67.2 million.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

The best novelty from China in the past week, “Chang kong zhi wang” (Born to Fly), jumped to second place. The film is described as the Chinese answer to the American “Top Gun: Maverick”. It had an impressive opening, grossing $41.3 million in its first three days of screening.

Another novelty that hit cinemas on the occasion of Labor Day is the comedy “人生路不熟” (Godspeed). This film, in turn, is described as the Chinese answer to the American “Meet the Daddy”. The picture was warmly received by the local audience, grossing a solid $32.3 million at its opening.

The third novelty from China, the youth romance “这么多年” (All Thees Years), landed fourth on our list. This movie grossed $19.2 million for good morning.

As expected, the sequel to one of Tamil’s biggest box-office hits does an excellent job. While full figures are yet to be released, Indian sources say Ponniyin Selvan: Part Two grossed at least $14.5 million in its first three days of screening worldwide. Another $3.8 million comes from America.

Number six on our list is Evil Dead: Awakening. Horror had a great weekend losing only 15% from the previous week, earning $14.2 million. This adds up to $42.1 million and $83.6 million globally. By comparison, 2013’s Evil Dead eventually grossed $99 million in theaters.

Despite fierce local competition, Japanese animation “The First Slam Dunk” continues to sell like hotcakes in China. Thanks to this, it is in seventh place on our list with a weekend result of $ 13.8 million. $12.6 million comes from China alone. The animation grossed 900,000 in Japan and nearly 300,000 in South Korea. Globally, the film grossed $249 million, making it the fifth highest-grossing Japanese animation ever. Interestingly, five of the six biggest anime hits are post-pandemic premieres.

John Wick 4 is still doing great in the world. Weekend receipts declined only slightly from last week at a whopping $10.1 million. Thanks to this, on a global scale, the film managed to break the $400 million mark. This is the first part of the series that can boast of such an achievement.

Meanwhile, despite Super Mario Bros. Film’s fantastic start in Japan, the local blockbuster Meitantei Conan: Kurogane no Submarine (Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine) is not slowing down. Over the past three days, the animation earned a sensational $ 9.3 million. In yen terms, this is the second best result for the third weekend. This brings the total to $58.2 million.

Dungeons & Dragons: A Thief’s Honor completes the top ten. The show could not boast of spectacular achievements, but it has a very stable audience and is losing influence at a really slow pace. Last weekend, the film grossed $7.1 million, taking its overseas receipts to over $100 million (now $106 million) and global grosses approaching $200 million (now $194.2 million).

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