Frozen III isn’t even out yet, and a prequel is already in the works. You won’t be able to see anything yet

One of Disney’s highest-grossing studio franchises is expanding. The studio has recently announced a new project within the “Frozen” franchise titled “Frozen: Forces of Nature.”

What do we know about this new project?

Regrettably, “Frozen: Forces of Nature” isn’t a film endeavor. Therefore, there won’t be anything visual to see. Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of podcasts, this announcement is tailored just for you.

“Frozen: Forces of Nature” is set to be a radio drama, a collaboration involving Disney Publishing Worldwide, ABC Audio, and Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is set to consist of 12 episodes, with their debut planned for the year’s end.

This podcast will unfold its story before the events of the upcoming full-length animated film, Frozen III, which is also in development.

In “Frozen: Forces of Nature,” Anna and Elsa will confront the enigma of peculiar machines that are causing chaos in the Enchanted Forest. Who constructed these machines? What is their purpose? And how can they be halted?

The radio drama will feature beloved characters from the movies, as well as introduce some fresh faces, including Queen Sankerhus Disa and Lord Wolfgang, the cousin of the Duke of Weselton.


“Frozen” – Billions of Dollars, Oscars, and Streaming Success

The first installment of “Frozen” introduced us to the tale of two sisters, royal offspring of Arendelle’s rulers. The courageous Princess Anna, along with the rugged ice trader Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven, embarks on a treacherous quest to locate her elder sister Elsa. Elsa’s uncontrollable powers have plunged the kingdom into an eternal winter. On their journey, Anna and Kristoff confront numerous trials, battling the elements and encountering enigmatic trolls and the comical snowman Olaf. With its stunning animation, endearing characters, unforgettable music, and the poignant narrative of the royal family, “Frozen” managed to captivate the hearts of countless children and adults alike.

The sequel to “Frozen” underscores that blissful times are transient. Following three peaceful years following Elsa’s coronation as the ruler of Arendelle, the destiny of the realm becomes uncertain once again. After Elsa unleashes potent elemental forces, the inhabitants of Arendelle are compelled to evacuate. The prospect of rescue rests upon the enigmatic secrets of the Enchanted Forest. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf embark on a journey that compels them to confront not only formidable magic but also to seek answers to the complex questions surrounding the history of Arendelle’s rulers.

Trailer for Frozen II Animation


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