Uwe Boll is back! Watch the trailer for the police drama “First Shift.”

As promised, he has delivered. Uwe Boll, who until a few years ago claimed that he had had enough of cinema, has just completed a new film – “First Shift.” We announced the project in February, and now we have its trailer.

Uwe Boll is returning to English-language cinema.

“First Shift” is his second film since he announced his retirement from cinema. The first was the German-language production “Hanau,” which was about the February 2020 shooting that left nine people dead. However, the director is not satisfied with this experience. He claims that working on “Hanau” reminded him of why he had stopped making films in Germany.


The new project is his first film shot in English since “Rampage 3: Assassination of the President,” starring Kristen Renton (“Sons of Anarchy”) and Gino Anthony Pesi (“Entangled”).

The film will tell the story of a pair of police officers on their first day of duty together in New York. She used to be a cop in Atlanta but has now moved to New York. He’s a New York cop who prefers to work alone but had to agree to a new partner. Their first day together is turned upside down by a personal tragedy and a Mafia murder.


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