Gladiator vs. Baboon Gang: Ridley Scott’s Upcoming Spectacle

While “Napoleon” is about to hit theaters, Ridley Scott is already busy working on his next spectacle. The 85-year-old director is currently preparing the film “Gladiator 2.” Although filming had to be paused due to an actors’ strike, Scott continued working on it in the editing room.

Ninety minutes of “Gladiator 2” are already completed. What can we expect to see?

The shooting for “Gladiator 2” took place in Malta when an actors’ strike broke out. Initially, the production continued without the union actors. However, eventually, filming had to be halted.

Ridley Scott revealed in an interview with EW that during the actors’ strike, he worked on the footage that had already been shot, which amounts to about 90 minutes.

Among this footage is a scene in which the main character has to fight a group of baboons. Scott disclosed that the scene was inspired by video footage he had seen, showing a baboon attack on tourists near Johannesburg. He admitted that the images from that video haunted him.

Paul Mescal as the New Gladiator

Behind the camera for “Gladiator 2” will be Ridley Scott once again, who will also serve as the film’s producer alongside Michael Pruss, Doug Wick, and Lucy Fisher. The latest screenplay version is penned by David Scarpa, who also wrote this year’s “Napoleon” for Scott and “All the Money in the World.”

The main role in “Gladiator 2” will be played by Paul Mescal, nominated for an Oscar this year for his performance in “After Sun.” He will portray Lucius, the grandson of Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris), the son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen), and the nephew of the wicked Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix).

The film is scheduled to premiere on November 22, 2024.

Check out the “Gladiator” trailer!

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