HBO Max scraps Ridley Scott’s “Raised by Wolves” after two seasons

The lavish sci-fi series that took place on the distant planet Kepler-22b was one of HBO Max‘s most popular series after the first season.

When “Raised by Wolves” premiered in 2020, HBO Max quickly gave the green light for a second season. In other words, the fact that Ridley Scott (“Alien”, “Blade Runner”) himself had been involved in both directing and creating the sci-fi series attracted a lot of viewers. Now, however, Variety reports that HBO Max has chosen not to give the series a third season, which means that “Raised by Wolves” is now being scrapped.

The plot of the first season took place just over 100 years into our future, on the planet Kepler-22b. Mankind has been divided into either believers or atheists, where a world war finally destroyed our home planet when the atheists lost – the surviving survivors were forced to set off on “arcs” on their way to new planets. We viewers, on the other hand, mainly follow two androids, Mother and Father, who have been programmed by an atheist to raise a group of children to atheists.

The second season began airing in early February this year and never managed to break through in the same way as the first season did. Which has now resulted in there being no end to the series.



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