Is Barry Allen getting another solo movie in James Gunn’s new DCU in The Flash 2?

Is Barry Allen getting another solo movie in James Gunn's new DCU in The Flash 2?
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While either of the DC characters anticipates rejuvenation, there is also a possibility for Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen to find a place in the new DC film universe. What are the odds for The Flash 2 ?

– Warning, there are spoilers for “The Flash” to follow! –

After numerous appearances alongside his Justice League comrades, the time has finally come for Barry Allen, also known as The Flash (portrayed by Ezra Miller), to embark on his first solo adventure on the big screen. If you’re curious about what lies ahead for this lovable and slightly eccentric DC character, we can’t provide a definitive answer at this point in time. However, we’ll consider the crucial factors for or against “The Flash 2” and speculate on the potential storyline.

Did you watch the film in the theater and can’t stop thinking about the ending? In the following video, we explain the significance of the final scene:

“The Flash 2”: What are the chances of a sequel? The current iteration of the DCEU is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have any more DC adaptations. The familiar film universe is undergoing a complete overhaul and will present new cohesive films with numerous fresh faces starting in 2024. This reboot also means bidding farewell to the familiar stars. However, one character may make the transition to the new DCU, despite facing the most uncertainty behind the scenes: Ezra Miller’s Flash.

The comic universe has paved the way, as has the television series adaptation, and now we could potentially witness a Flash-led “In-Verse Reboot” on the cinema screen, thanks to time travel or the multiverse. Although the DC reboot doesn’t necessarily require a departure from existing content, this approach could serve as a bridge, allowing individual characters, particularly Flash, to be integrated into the new DCU in a modified form. Consequently, “The Flash 2” featuring Ezra Miller is a plausible possibility. If a sequel is greenlit and director Andy Muschietti (“It”) reassumes the helm, he will continue to support his previous leading actor, as expressed in an interview with The Playlist:

“I don’t think there’s anyone who can play this character as well as he/she [Ezra Miller self-identifies as non-binary, ed. Red.]. The other portrayals of the character are great, but he/she did an amazing job of capturing this particular vision of the character. And, as you [the podcast partner, ed. Red.] already said, the two Barrys – it feels like a character that was made for him/her.”

Nevertheless, as is often the case, the box office performance will ultimately determine the outcome. If the film impresses audiences and performs well financially, James Gunn and Peter Safran will likely be involved with “The Flash 2” as well. The sequel already has a script, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter last autumn. Should Miller find his way back on track with professional assistance after his past antics and transgressions, nothing will prevent his return. Consequently, all that remains for us is to head to the theaters and await an official announcement. The film has already garnered praise from notable critics, including Stephen King and Tom Cruise. We’ll keep you updated on any developments.

“The Flash 2”: What might the future hold? In terms of the storyline, it’s challenging to predict what a sequel might explore, as the ending of “The Flash” leaves many possibilities open. What’s certain is that Barry finds himself once again in an altered version of his own timeline and must adapt to the new circumstances. The extent of these changes remains unclear. It’s conceivable that he will encounter unforeseen adversaries on this “new” Earth, whom he must defeat. Whether this threat is global in scale or if it involves the safety of his future girlfriend Iris West (Kiersey Clemons) is yet to be seen. If it doesn’t become a standalone second film, a cameo appearance by Flash in other DCU movies is also a conceivable option.


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