It’s progressing on ‘Venom 3’: Tom Hardy gives a promising update on the Marvel sequel

It's progressing on 'Venom 3': Tom Hardy gives a promising update on the Marvel sequel
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“After a brief appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the end of ‘Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage’, Tom Hardy is set to return to his own successful franchise. Fans are eager to know what’s in store for the future of the ‘Venom’ series and what adventures Eddie Brock will embark on next ?

“Warning: Spoilers follow, for ‘Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage’ and ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’!”

“Carnage is certainly the best-known offshoot of Venom, but it obviously didn’t survive the second part. Accordingly, the question is what Eddie and Venom can expect in a possible third part. It comes as no surprise, as the responsible studio Sony has confirmed: ‘Venom 3’ was officially announced at CinemaCon 2022 (via ScreenRant)!”

When will Venom 3 be released in cinemas? Tom Hardy reveals the current status

Four months after the last update (which we will touch on in a moment), Tom Hardy has given us a new sign of life from the Marvel sequel. In an Instagram post, the actor shared with his fans a deleted, unfinished scene that shows him arguing with Venom before they go to see Anne (Michelle Williams) in the hospital.

However, the message that Hardy included with the post is much more interesting to many. He wrote that they came across this scene because they are currently in pre-production of Venom 3. The course is currently being actively set so that the actual production, including shooting, can begin promptly.

We can, therefore, hope that shooting will take place this year, making a theatrical release in 2024 realistic. So the wait for Venom fans could soon be over!

Andy Serkis does not return: “Venom 3” finds a new director

In October 2022, the sequel was able to clarify what is perhaps the most important detail besides Tom Hardy, as reported by Deadline: Kelly Marcel will direct the third installment. Marcel already produced and wrote the first two Venom movies, so she’s definitely familiar with the subject matter. However, as a newcomer to directing, we can be curious to see whether she can bring a new style to the series. According to Deadline, Kelly Marcel also collaborated with Tom Hardy on the idea for “Venom 3”, for which she will write the screenplay. The two are also among the film’s producers.

The content of the sequel is still unknown. However, “Venom 2” should have given us some clues as to what we can expect – including the new villain. Despite the post-credits scene of “Let There Be Carnage”, we can safely assume that there is no future for Eddie Brock in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (for now). After all, he bid farewell to the other Marvel Universe in the post-credits scene of “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. Apparently, he will remain firmly anchored in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU) for the foreseeable future, where he can team up with Morbius (Jared Leto), Kraven the Hunter (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), Vulture (Michael Keaton), and other Spider-Man villains.

Venom fights Toxin after Carnage?

The introduction of a new red symbiote in part 3, namely Toxin, seems highly likely. In the post-credits scene of Venom 2, we saw Detective Mulligan (Stephen Graham) with blue eyes, which is a sign that he has ingested a symbiote. In the comics, the Carnage offshoot Toxin bonded with Detective Mulligan and had a positive influence on him, with the two even attempting to become a hero duo.

“Venom 3” could follow this comic storyline, which would be an interesting development. It’s possible that a conflict could arise between Toxin and Venom, as Detective Mulligan might view them as a threat to be challenged, even though Eddie and his symbiote have pledged to fight for good at the end of “Venom 2”.

Is there a Spider-Man vs Venom movie coming?

It seems that Toxin will be the opponent in “Venom 3”. Finally, we saw Detective Mulligan (Stephen Graham) with blue eyes for the last time at the end of Venom 2. This depiction has been seen before in other people who have ingested a symbiote, and in the comics, Carnage offshoot Toxin bonded with Detective Mulligan. He had an enormously positive influence on the young and quite violent symbiote, and the two even tried out as a hero duo.

“Venom 3” could take this comic base almost directly, and it would be interesting to see a Carnage offshoot being converted. A duel between Toxin and Venom would still be conceivable, because even if Eddie and his symbiote have dedicated themselves to fighting for good at the end of “Venom 2”, Detective Mulligan could see them as a danger and want to challenge them accordingly.

As for where Venom and Spider-Man will meet, it is conceivable that Sony will celebrate this long-awaited crossover in its own film project. It doesn’t have to be in the MCU with Spider-Man played by Tom Holland. However, “No Way Home” prominently brought back the former Peter Parker in the form of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. After this sight, fans quickly expressed the wish that Garfield should be given another chance as Spider-Man in independent works, among other things “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” suddenly seems to be possible again.

Also, the idea that Garfield might be SSU’s Spider-Man was circulating. The actor himself was quite excited about the prospect of meeting Tom Hardy’s Venom, and Sony shouldn’t have missed the renewed enthusiasm for Garfield’s Peter Parker. Since “Morbius” director Daniel Espinosa has also announced that there will be a Spider-Man in the SSU, the scenario fans have been hoping for should actually be tangible. Eventually, the end credits scene of “Venom 3” will reveal the Spider-Man of this universe, who could then fight Venom in a next film, as long as it doesn’t go directly against the Sinister Six.

Which stars are in “Venom 3”?

We can certainly expect Tom Hardy to return in “Venom 3” since it’s practically unthinkable to have the film without him. Stephen Graham may also make a comeback as Detective Mulligan since he would serve as the host for Toxin. We can also anticipate Michelle Williams to reprise her role as Eddie’s ex-girlfriend Anne, while her fiancé Dr. Dan Lewis (Reid Scott) could now be her husband and appear alongside her. However, it remains unclear how these characters will be incorporated into the plot, given that Eddie and Venom are on the run. Nevertheless, a reason for a reunion of these four characters can certainly be devised.

Since Shriek (Naomie Harris) survived the end of the second part, her return is also possible. While things don’t look good for Cletus Cassady, “Venom 2” director Andy Serkis didn’t categorically rule out a reunion with Carnage in an interview with A small remnant of him could have survived somewhere, and this would not be the first time such a trick has been used in superhero stories.

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