“The ‘Stranger Things’ star becomes a ghost in a new comedy, out today on Netflix

“David Harbour plays a ghost in the Netflix comedy ‘We Have a Ghost’, and Anthony Mackie must help him unravel his past.”

 "The 'Stranger Things' star becomes a ghost in a new comedy, out today on Netflix

“Since advancing from an underrated character actor to a star with the Netflix hit series ‘Stranger Things’, David Harbour has finally been able to play roles outside of dark thrillers and dramas. Above all, the 47-year-old is no longer limited to supporting roles, and is able to showcase his entire repertoire of acting talent. He has played diverse roles, including Hellboy in the comic film adaptation of the same name, the Russian super soldier Alexei Shostakov aka Red Guardian in the Marvel film ‘Black Widow’, and the deadly Santa Claus in ‘Violent Night’. Harbour has certainly arrived in the blockbuster business.”

“Of course, David Harbour doesn’t forget who deserves credit for his late-career success. That’s why he has joined fellow Marvel actor Anthony Mackie (“Captain America: New World Order”) in the hopefully entertaining Netflix ghost comedy ‘We Have a Ghost’. The movie is now available to stream, and the trailer reveals what awaits viewers.

In ‘We Have a Ghost’, the Presley family, led by Kevin (Jahi Di’Allo Winston), meets a friendly ghost named Ernest (played by David Harbour) in their new home. Although not named Casper, Ernest is quite outgoing, and the family becomes overnight social media sensations because of him. However, things take a dangerous turn when Kevin and Ernest decide to uncover the ghost’s past, and before they know it, the CIA is on their tail.”

We Have a Ghost”: Horror director goes wild with comedy

“We Have a Ghost” is based on the short story “Ernest” by Geoff Manaugh, which was published in 2017 via Vice. Christopher Landon, who mixed horror with comedy in the Happy Deathday films and Freaky, wrote and directed the film. With “We Have a Ghost” the humor clearly predominates, after all the Netflix comedy is obviously tailored to the whole family, just as it was the case with Amblin’s “Casper”, which you can stream via Amazon, by the way can. Landon revealed to Empire that he wanted to create an Amblin-like atmosphere with this film:
“I wanted to showcase certain acting abilities that I felt I possessed, but hadn’t been able to fully utilize. One of these is the ability to deliver a powerful, emotional performance that really resonates with the audience and has a satisfying payoff in the end.”
“Landon sought the assistance of a talented cast, including David Harbour, Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Coolidge, Tig Notaro, Faith Ford, Niles Fitch, Jahi Di’Allo Winston, and Taylor Shurte, to seamlessly bring the story to life on the screen.”

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