Jackie Chan: Working on fourth ‘Rush Hour 4’ movie

Jackie Chan has confirmed that a fourth ‘Rush Hour’ movie is in the works.

Jackie Chan credit:Bang Showbiz

The 68-year-old actor starred alongside comedian Chris Tucker in the action-comedy trilogy between 1998 and 2007 and has now announced talks about a fourth installment in the franchise.

Speaking at the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia on Thursday (December 8), Jackie announced, “We’re talking about Part 4 right now.” The iconic martial artist also confirmed he would be meeting with the film’s director to discuss the script, though he declined to identify the filmmaker in the process.

Brett Ratner directed all three of the previous films, but faced sexual assault allegations in 2017, prompting Warner Bros. to cut all ties with him. The ‘Rush Hour’ franchise follows a Hong Kong detective who forms an unlikely friendship with an LAPD officer in order to solve a series of international crimes. Jackie had previously planned to leave Hollywood should the film flop due to a lack of interesting roles.

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