Shaun Of The Dead 2: Will there be a second part of the zombie fun?

Many zombie comedy fans are still hoping for a sequel years later. We clarify what the chances are for “Shaun Of The Dead 2”.

Anyone who hears or reads “Cornetto” will probably see an ice cream in their mind’s eye. However, some die-hard film fans may think first of zombies, blood, British humor and the three very popular films of the so-called Cornetto trilogy. Because between 2004 and 2013, the comedian duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost with director Edgar Wright (“Baby Driver”, “Last Night In Soho”) made three completely independent films, in which a kind of cornetto always occurs.

The series kicked off with zombie horror slapstick Shaun Of The Dead, followed by action-packed cop comedy Hot Fuzz and absurd alien apocalypse The World’s End. And since its release, everyone involved has been regularly confronted with the desire to please shoot the sequel “Shaun Of The Dead 2”. However, the director himself made a very clear statement on this back in 2021.

Anyone who celebrates “Shaun of The Dead” may not be averse to the horror genre in general. We have put together the scariest films for you and it has even been scientifically proven!

Shaun Of The Dead 2: Here’s what people say

In an interview with SFX Magazine, Edgar Wright says he keeps getting requests from fans about a sequel to Shaun of the Dead. But it is “difficult to go back to it again.” Because the development of a film consumes a lot of time and what really motivates him is to approach something with each project “that you haven’t done before”.

Wright has therefore closed the subgenre horror comedy for himself. And lead actor Simon Pegg is also very reluctant to answer the question about the sequel. So it’s hard to imagine that a sequel to “Shaun of The Dead” will ever flicker across the screens without two of the three most important participants. However, the hopes of a reunion of Wright, Pegg and Frost in a completely new project are not over. On the contrary: they were even actively encouraged by the three on social networks. Substance, period and any further information are still in short supply. Of course, we will continue to prick up our ears for you.

Of course, the previous films in the Cornetto trilogy serve as the best way to bridge the gap. You can start directly with “Shaun Of The Dead” on free TV.

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