Jenna Ortega and Winona Ryder on the set of Beetlejuice 2. Check out the photos!

People magazine has revealed new photos from the set of “Beetlejuice 2,” the highly anticipated sequel to the iconic film “Beetlejuice.” The images feature the lead actors Jenna Ortega and Winona Ryder, portraying the daughter and mother characters respectively.

A Wedding Scene on the Set of “Beetlejuice 2”



The plot of “Beetlejuice 2” is being kept under wraps. Tim Burton is back behind the camera for this highly anticipated sequel. The screenplay was written by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, who previously collaborated with the director on the Netflix hit series “Wednesday.” Brad Pitt is one of the film’s producers.

Alongside Ryder and Ortega, the film will feature a star-studded cast including Michael Keaton reprising his role as Beetlejuice, Catherine O’Hara, Justin Theroux, Willem Dafoe, and Monica Bellucci.

The premiere is scheduled for September 6, 2024.

The road to the “Beetlejuice” sequel has been a long one. The original film, released in 1988, followed the story of a young married couple who died but remained as ghosts trapped in their home. When the house is sold to new owners who make unwanted changes, the ghosts summon the obnoxious and intrusive Beetlejuice to help them get rid of the inhabitants.

Efforts to make a sequel to the cult classic have been ongoing for over three decades. The closest the project came to fruition was in 2013-15 when Tim Burton and Michael Keaton were confirmed to be involved. Winona Ryder joined the cast in 2015, and filming was reportedly set to begin within months.

However, in 2016, Tim Burton denied his interest in the project. Three years ago, there were reports that Warner Bros. was still committed to the sequel and had hired another screenwriter. Rumors resurfaced in 2021, but no further progress has been made since then.

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