Teaser Godzilla Minus One: “Godzilla is back! It’s the first Japanese live-action film in 7 years.”

We have exciting news for fans of the King of Monsters! Studio Toho will be presenting viewers with a thrilling new live-action spectacle later this year. “Godzilla Minus One” is set to hit Japanese theaters in November!

What do we know about the new film?

“Godzilla Minus One” marks Toho’s first live-action film featuring the King of Monsters since 2016’s “Shin Gojira”. The director of the film is Takashi Yamazaki, a visual effects specialist known for his work on films such as “Returner: Amazon of Time”, “The Sun Always Shines Here”, and “Kamikaze”.

The story of “Godzilla Minus One” takes place immediately after the end of World War II when Japan is left in ruins. However, amidst the destruction, a new and devastating force emerges – Godzilla. This unleashes further turmoil upon the country, giving the film its title, which in English is “Godzilla Minus One”.

“Godzilla Minus One” is the 33rd film in the series to be made in Japan and the fifth made during the Reiwa era. However, of the four previous titles, only “Shin Gojira” was a live-action production, with the others comprising an animated trilogy.

Stay tuned for more updates on “Godzilla Minus One”!

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