Listen to Lady Gaga’s new song from “Top Gun: Maverick”

The new single “Hold My Hand” is here.
“Take My Breath Away” was sung by the band Berlin on the soundtrack to “Top Gun” in 1986. The song won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best original song – so the bar is high now that the sequel is around the corner.

In the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick”, none other than Lady Gaga has been allowed to write new music for the soundtrack. Will it be as iconic now as then? The rock ballad “Hold My Hand” has just been released online and you can listen to it below:

Lady Gaga told Instagram this week that she “worked on the song for years” and honed it during the pandemic.

“When I wrote it, I did not even realize how all its layers covered the heart of the film, my own psyche and the world we have lived in (…) I wanted to create music about our deep need to be understood and try to understand each other – a the longing for closeness when we feel so far from each other, and a tribute to the heroes of life. “

In Tony Scott’s biosuccess “Top Gun” from 1986, Tom Cruise played a daring young fighter pilot at an elite school. In “Top Gun: Maverick”, he is back to train a new group of brave graduating students. The film is directed by Joseph Kosinski and flies into the big screen on May 25.

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