Neill Blomkamp can direct the film “Grand Turismo”

Sony and Playstation are investing heavily in filming their popular video games. Now a film based on the racing series “Gran Turismo” is also underway.

Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions are investing heavily in filming their successful games for the big screen and streaming services, as they recently announced that they will take “Horizon Zero Dawn” for Netflix and “God of War” for Amazon Prime Video.

Now there is also talk that there will be a film based on the racing game series “Gran Turismo”, where “District 9” and “Demonic” director Neill Blomkamp is directed. It writes the site Deadline.

There is no information at all about what the film will be about or which actors are intended, but I can imagine that it will be inspired by the popular “The Fast & the Furious” films by Universal Pictures.

Other film and TV projects that PlayStation Productions has underway are “Ghost of Tsushima” by “John Wick” director Chad Stahelski, a TV series based on “Twisted Metal” starring Anthony Mackie and probably an “Uncharted 2 “.

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