Panic in hell! “The Pope’s Exorcist 2” is coming!

Fans of the horror film “The Pope’s Exorcist” can breathe a sigh of relief. Plans for a sequel haven’t been thrown out. The confirmation that a second part is in the works comes from producer Jeff Katz.

Russell Crowe versus infernal beings. Round 2

Talk of “The Pope’s Exorcist 2” surfaced a year ago, while the original was still in theaters. However, the project went quiet afterward, and Russell Crowe even managed to star in another exorcism film, “The Exorcism”.

Now, Jeff Katz has good news for fans. He’s been given the green light for the sequel. He announced this on the X platform:

Katz also has an idea for the film’s title. He’d like the series to follow the model of “Planet of the Apes”. He even shared some of his proposals.

Unfortunately, there’s still no concrete information about “The Pope’s Exorcist 2” itself.

What was “The Pope’s Exorcist” about?

Directed by Julius Avery (“Overlord”, “The Samaritan”), the film tells the story of Father Gabriele Amorth, the chief exorcist of the Vatican. The clergyman, who reports directly to the Pope, is assigned to another case requiring the attention of a specialist. He undertakes to investigate an incident involving a boy whose family has just moved into an inherited ancient monastery in Spain. With the help of a local priest, Amorth not only tries to help the child but also must confront the past sins of the Church, which have brought powerful forces of evil upon the Earth.

Russell Crowe played the lead role, with Franco Nero portraying the Holy Father. The cast also includes Daniel Zovatto, Alex Essoe, Peter DeSouza-Feighoney, and Laurel Marsden.

Trailer for “The Pope’s Exorcist”

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