Secret Invasion: Will the Marvel Series Get a Second Season?

After only six episodes, the latest Marvel adventure “Secret Invasion” is over again. Will the series continue with a second season?

It has been a while since the Skrulls last appeared, but thanks to Disney+, Marvel fans are finally getting the missing information on how the intergalactic refugees have fared since arriving on Earth in 1995 and what has since made Nick Fury the man we know from more recent Marvel works. The explosive trailers have already made it clear that there is still no happy ending for the Skrulls because a new home has not been found even decades later. Then why not just claim the earth and seize power? Find out now on Disney+ if Nick Fury and his allies can put a stop to it.

Secret Invasion Full Stream Episode Guide The new miniseries from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) started on June 21, 2023, on Disney+ and is now fully available. Have you not switched on yet, or have you taken a short break from streaming?

We first encountered the Skrulls in Captain Marvel.

Secret Invasion: Is Season 2 Coming? – Warning, spoilers follow! –

Since “Secret Invasion” is actually a mini-series, it should now be over after the six episodes. Admittedly, the ending is quite open, so that there would be enough material for a second season around the open war between humans and Skrulls, Super-Skrull G’iah (Emilia Clarke), and Nick Fury’s next journey through space. In addition, director Ali Selim told RadioTimes he was cautiously optimistic about a second season:

“And just like Marvel does so brilliantly, you also feel like, ‘Oh, it could go this way.’ – Nick Fury is alive and fighting on […]. And there are some characters who are no longer with us, and some who are still alive to take on another challenge. I would love to see this challenge become Season 2.”

In November, however, “The Marvels” awaits us in the cinema, and one or the other event from “Secret Invasion” will probably be picked up there. If the series is nevertheless renewed for a second season, you will find out.

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