“Shogun”: will there be a 2nd season? Hiroyuki Sanada has signed a contract


As reported by Deadline, Hiroyuki Sanada has signed on to appear in the second season of the highly popular FX series “Shogun”. The actor will return as Lord Yoshii Toranaga, who seeks to become the titular ruler of the armed forces and unify feudal Japan.

“Shogun” Returns

Recall: the first season of “Shogun” was based on James Clavell’s bestselling novel from 1975. Since the book did not have a sequel, the new episodes will be based on the original ideas of the writers.

The series is set in Japan, in the year 1600, on the eve of a civil war that defined the country’s history for the next century. Portrayed by Sanada, the ambitious Toranaga battles for power against members of the Regency Council. Meanwhile, off the coast of a peaceful fishing village, a mysterious European ship is discovered, brought there by unfavorable winds. English pilot John Blackthorne (played by Cosmo Jarvis) harbors secrets that will help Toranaga tip the scales of victory, while also breaking the political advantage of England’s rivals in the East – the Jesuit order and Portuguese merchants. The fates of Toranaga and Blackthorne become intertwined with the destiny of the interpreter, Tody Mariko (Anna Sawai), a mysterious lady, Christian, and the last representative of a samurai clan branded as traitors. Serving Toranaga entangled in a complex political game, Mariko must reassess her relationship with the increasingly closer Blackthorne, the faith that once saved her life, and her duties to her deceased father.

The series was created by Rachel Kondo and Justin Marks. The latter has credits including the screenplay for Disney’s hit “The Jungle Book” directed by Jon Favreau, a film that grossed over a billion dollars in ticket sales. Marks was also nominated for an Oscar for the screenplay for “Top Gun: Maverick”. Before starting work on the “Shogun” series, he created and led the 2-season STARZ TV series “Counterpart” starring J.K. Simmons.

Hiroyuki Sanada: where do we know him from?

Hiroyuki Sanada is a master of martial arts and one of the most well-known Japanese actors. The artist made his screen debut at the age of 5 and has since appeared in dozens of films, including many Hollywood productions such as “The Last Samurai,” “Wolverine,” and “John Wick 4”.

Trailer for the series “Shogun”

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