“Superman”: Wendell Pierce as Perry White, Editor-in-Chief of the “Daily Planet”

Although filming for James Gunn’s film “Superman” has already begun, we are still learning about new cast members. Today, we found out that Wendell Pierce (“The Wire”, “Jack Ryan”) will play the Editor-in-Chief of the “Daily Planet,” Perry White.

“Superman”: The Man of Steel Returns

White is the boss of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Previously, the role has been portrayed by Jackie Cooper (in films with Christopher Reeve), Frank Langella (“Superman Returns”), and Laurence Fishburne (Snyderverse).

The premiere of “Superman” is set for June 11, 2025. It will be the first film (but not the first production overall) of the new DC universe created by James Gunn and Peter Safran. The first phase is titled “Gods and Monsters.”

Although Gunn is active on social media and talks a lot about the film, we actually know very little about the plot. Apparently, in this version of the Superman story, we will see a world where everyone is accustomed to seeing superheroes, who are united in a group called the Authority.

The cast includes David Corenswet (Superman), Nicholas Hoult (Lex Luthor), Terence Rosemore (Otis), Milly Alcock (Supergirl), Isabela Merced (Hawkgirl), Nathan Fillion (Green Lantern), and Rachel Brosnahan (Lois Lane).

Check out our interview with Wendell Pierce.

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