Work on the second season of “Tulsa King” is underway. The same screenwriter is returning

Terence Winter, the screenwriter of the series “Tulsa King” with Sylvester Stallone, is returning to his position for the second season. Last year, Winter left the project due to artistic differences with Taylor Sheridan (the creator of the series). In his spare time, he decided to focus on other productions. However, the stagnation caused by last year’s strikes in Hollywood allowed him to return to the team.

“Tulsa King” – Season 2 in preparation

Initially, Terence Winter also served as the showrunner for the “Tulsa King” series. And so far, he has not been reinstated to that position. In the second season, he will only be a screenwriter and, similar to before, an executive producer.

Filming for the second season of “Tulsa King” is set to begin soon in Atlanta. The premiere is planned for this fall.

“Tulsa King” – series trailer

Released after 25 years in prison, New York mafia member Dwight “The General” Manfredi (Sylvester Stallone) is sent by his boss to Oklahoma to expand operations. Suspecting that the mafia is working against him, the protagonist slowly builds his own team.

SERIAL KILLERS: Reviewing the series “Tulsa King”

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