Are viewers tired of superheroes? The creators of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse respond

The box office success of “Spider-man: across the spider-verse” is proof that superhero cinema fatigue was prematurely announced. The film’s writers and producers, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, were interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine in which they commented on whether superhero fatigue contributed to the unsatisfactory box-office performance of Shazam: The Wrath of the Gods […]

Venom and Spider-Man appear in the game “Marvel’s Midnight Suns”

Heroes become villains and vice versa in the upcoming strategy game “Marvel’s Midnight Suns”. On October 7, the strategy game “Marvel’s Midnight Suns” will be released for Playstation, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC, where we will see supernatural superheroes like Blade and Ghost Rider work with the Avengers to defeat the demon Lilith, who […]

Hunderte von Charakteren, während sich Spider-Man „Beyond theSpider-Verse“ bewegt

Sony hat sich mit seinen beiden Fortsetzungen zu „Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse“ richtig viel vorgenommen. Sony verrät wirklich große Pläne für seine beiden Fortsetzungen des animierten Erfolgsfilms „Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse“ aus dem Jahr 2018. Während der prahlerischen Präsentation des Studios auf der CinemaCon am Montag gaben die Drehbuchautoren Phil Lord und Chris Miller bekannt, […]