The film biography of Bruce Lee is getting closer. We know the approximate start date of filming

According to the World of Reel blog, production of the Bruce Lee film biography is set to begin at the end of April. Ang Lee will be at the helm of the project, with his son Mason Lee (“The Hangover Part II”) portraying the legendary martial arts master.

Bruce Lee Film Biography on the Way

We first heard about the Bruce Lee film biography in November 2022. Read: 3 x LEE!: Bruce as the hero, Ang as the director, Mason as the star of an exceptional biography.

Neither fully accepted as American nor Chinese, Bruce Lee was a symbolic bridge between East and West. He introduced kung fu to the world, was a martial arts philosopher, and also an exceptional artist. He revolutionized not only martial arts but also cinema, as the director said in an interview with Deadline. I feel like I have to tell this story. To tell about this wonderful, exceptional man who despite his delicate stature possessed incredible strength. And who, thanks to unbelievably hard work, turned his dreams into reality.

Who is Ang Lee? Key Films

Ang Lee is a director, screenwriter, and producer from Taiwan. “Brokeback Mountain” and “Life of Pi” earned him Oscars. His repertoire includes not only melodramas (“Sense and Sensibility”, “Lust, Caution”) but also fantasy spectacles (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) and science fiction (“Hulk”, “Gemini Man”).

Watch the trailer for “Gemini Man”

Currently, Ang Lee’s filmography concludes with “Gemini Man” starring Will Smith in a dual role. Watch its trailer:

Former hitman Henry Brogan is forced to flee from a young and highly skilled agent who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. During the chase around the world, Henry must outsmart his mysterious opponent in every way – but what will he be capable of when they come face to face?

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