The hero of ‘Sound of Freedom’ assaulted women?

One of the biggest cinema hits this summer is the film “Sound of Freedom.” The plot is inspired by the activities of Tim Ballard, who created an organization that helps children who are victims of sexual violence and human trafficking. However, as it turns out, Ballard is not as crystal-clear as the film suggests.

Tim Ballard was fired from the children’s aid organization he founded.

The case was published by Vice. The magazine conducted its own investigation to solve the mystery of Ballard’s departure from Operation Underground Railroad, the children’s aid organization he founded and headed.

OUR confirmed to Vice that Tim Ballard is no longer affiliated with the organization in any way. He was to resign as head on June 22 (i.e., before the premiere of the film “Sound of Freedom,” which was released in American cinemas on Independence Day, July 4).

The organization did not want to provide details, but in a letter to Vice, it can be read: OUR’s mission is to fight sexual violence and does not intend to tolerate sexual harassment or discrimination among its employees.

Vice says Ballard’s firing came after an independent law firm brought the results of an internal investigation to the board. The magazine claims that Ballard was found to be using child rescue operations to coerce women into having sex.

Supposedly, before each action, Ballard chose an attractive woman who would pretend to be his wife. He then demanded that they share a bed and a shower to “deceive human traffickers.” He allegedly sent women who really wanted to help save children half-naked photos of themselves, asking how far they would go (implicitly: to save children).

At least seven women reportedly told investigators about their traumatic experiences with Ballard. The number of actual victims is unknown.

Angel Studios remains silent.

Tim Ballard’s connections with the film based on his life, “Sound of Freedom,” are not entirely clear. In the credits, he does not function as a producer or screenwriter. However, he was present on the red carpet at the grand premiere.

Angel Studios, which saved “Sound of Freedom” from oblivion and allowed the film to earn more money in America than the fifth “Indiana Jones” and the seventh “Mission: Impossible,” has remained silent on the disclosed accusations for now.

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