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The Mother: These Jennifer Lopez movies are better than the Netflix hit

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Virginiaeranet.com With “The Mother” Jennifer Lopez is celebrating her biggest film success in years. If you are looking for more films with Jennifer Lopez, you have come to the right place.

Honestly, pop megastar Jennifer Lopez’s acting side career has unfortunately not produced many film gems. With a devastating six percent critic rating and a hardly better audience score, the notorious flop “Love with Risk – Gigli”, for example, is one of the worst films of all time. Despite this, audiences still love to see the singer, who seems to have fallen into the fountain of youth, on screen, as evidenced by the recent success of her latest film The Mother.

Maybe the super-successful pop singer will get her own cinematic biography?

Sure, she can act (to an extent), but of course J.Lo is still best known for her music. Of course you can find the entire discography of the RnB artist on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

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“Hustlers” (2019)

The only J. Lo film that was really well received by the critics and also brought real praise for her acting performance is the black humorous gangster drama “Hustlers” with a feminist touch: A total of 87% of the critics agreed with the crime thriller of 2019 according to Rotten Tomatoes. At 65%, the audience’s verdict was more reserved, but still benevolent. Here, La Lopez embodies Ramona Vega, who stirs up the New York half-world with her female stripper crew in order to take revenge on sexist Wall Street bankers.

“Marry Me” (2022)

Not a hit with the critics, but even more so with the audience: With 92% positive ratings, the romance “Marry Me”, which was released in 2022, is a fan favorite. Jenny from the Block plays a pop icon in a true-to-life cast who spontaneously marries someone else at their live broadcast wedding – and the emotional chaos takes its course…

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More romantic comedies starring Jennifer Lopez:
Shotgun Wedding (2022)
Manhattan Queen (2018)
“The Monster-In-Law” (2005)
“Wedding planner – in love, engaged, planned” (2000)
Still not enough butterflies in your stomach? You can find the full load of romance in the reading tip:

“Enough” (2002)

Not an absolute hit like “Hustlers”, but with 67% criticism rating “Enug” from 2002 really doesn’t look bad. Lopez deviates significantly from her typical genre of romance and brings us the emotionally touching story of Slim, who has to push herself while fleeing her abusive husband. In this respect, the film is similar to “The Mother”, because here, too, a tough mother has to protect her daughter under the most adverse circumstances.

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