The trailer for “Black Adam” will be released next week

Dwayne Johnson will soon be showing off his anti-hero: “Superheroes’ Dirty Harry”.

Charming muscle-knuckle Dwayne Johnson has devoted the last few years to the film “Black Adam”, which allows him to take the step over to the comic book genre. Here we get to see him play a powerful anti-hero from DC. This week, he finished the final scenes together with director Jaume Collet-Serra.

According to a post on Johnson’s instagram, the first trailer for “Black Adam” will be released next week, more specifically on Wednesday 8 June.

“This is the second film I make with Jaume Collet-Serra. Our first collaboration was on” Jungle Cruise “so we love great adventures for a global audience. He always finds the heart and soul in our stories (…) Jaume said: “Let’s make Black Adam the superhero’s Dirty Harry.” A ruthless and unstoppable God who swore to protect his family and his people, “the actor writes.

The film will have its cinema premiere on October 21.

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