Trailer premiere: Young heroes take over in “Gotham Knights”

Batman is dead and it’s up to his son to catch the killer – with the help of some new friends. Premiere 2023.

A new Batman series that has flown under the radar until now shows up with a first trailer. In “Gotham Knights”, the superhero Batman is dead – brutally murdered – and his own son ends up among the suspects. He joins some other young rebels, including the Joker’s daughter, to clear his name and take over his father’s job.

In the trailer, we get to see young shooting stars like Oscar Morgan (“Masters of the Air”), Tyler DiChiara (“The Virgin of Highland Park”) and Olivia Rose Keegan (“Our Best Years”). Perhaps most famous is Misha Collins (“Supernatural”) in the role of Harvey Dent.

Danny Cannon (“Gotham”) directs the pilot episode while a trio of screenwriters with “Batwoman” on the merit list have written the series. Premiere on the American youth channel The CW in 2023 – here in Sweden it will probably end up on HBO Max with the other DC series.

More on the same theme: in October, a new video game based on “Gotham Knights” will be released. Check this out …

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