The wrong question asked: Barbara Schöneberger messed up her filmcareer herself

For the latest episode of her podcast ‘With the waffles of a woman’, moderator Barbara Schöneberger (48) invited actor Fredrick Lau (33) and chatted with him about his film career. During the conversation, the successful entertainer revealed that she too had almost become an actress – but she put her foot in it at the crucial moment.

Helmut Dietl called Barbara Schöneberger a “stupid goose”

Barbara reported on a dinner with the famous film director Helmut Dietl († 70, ‘Rossini’), where he offered her a role in one of his films. The presenter enthusiastically agreed, but a few minutes later the tide turned. With the question of whether she could also deviate from the script, she snubbed the director so much that he reacted angrily: “Who do you think you are? That’s a perfect sentence that I wrote there. And then you come along and want to do whatever you want? No way, you stupid goose.” It’s no wonder that Barbara Schöneberger didn’t get any more role offers from the director and her film career ended before she could even begin. She didn’t mind the insult, he probably called her that more often…

Barbara Schöneberger stays true to her roots

Barbara Schöneberger later took on a few smaller guest appearances in films such as ‘Hanni & Nanni’, but the entertainer was denied larger roles. But that doesn’t seem to bother her much – after all, she’s so good at business, has fun with the moderation of ‘Do you understand?’ began. The TV woman isn’t afraid of getting tired of her. “It’s still going, the demand is there. I would be stupid if I made myself scarce,” Barbara Schöneberger honestly admitted in an interview with ‘Spiegel’.

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