Tom Holland starred in the show and broke down. Taking a break from acting

Tom Holland is promoting the new AppleTV+ series with his participation “In the Crowd”. In recent interviews, he talked about how much work on it left an impression on his psyche, which led him to decide to take a year off from acting.

Tom Holland: This show broke me

In the Crowd is a series loosely inspired by the story of Billy Milligan. The “Campus Rapist” was the first person in US judiciary history to be acquitted of a series of rapes on the grounds of insanity, which was dissociative personality disorder (then called multiple personality disorder).

Instead of prison, Milligan spent many years in a psychiatric hospital. His story was described in the book by Daniel Keyes, the author of the literary prototype of “Flowers for Algernon”.

In one of the interviews, Tom Holland told how great an emotional burden it was for him to work on the series. He was under extra pressure experiencing emotions he had never experienced before. He admits that the series “broke him” and that he had to cut himself off from the world and holed up on one of the Mexican beaches for a week.

Now she announces that she is taking a year off because it was such a hard job to be on the show. However, he adds that he has no regrets and believes that the sacrifice was not in vain.

This is not the first time Holland talks about the hardships of working on In the Crowd. A month ago, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he admitted that he had trouble cutting himself off from the character in his private life. He felt a strong urge to shave his head to get rid of the hero. However, he couldn’t do that because the filming of the series was still in progress.

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