“Tyler Rake 3” is on its way to the screen, as confirmed by the director and Netflix. The threequel is officially announced

Just a day after the premiere of the action movie “Tyler Rake 2,” Netflix announced that the third installment of the indestructible mercenary’s adventures is in the works. Chris Hemsworth will return to star, and former stuntman Sam Hargrave, who directed the first and second parts, will direct.

About the “Tyler Rake” series

The first film, released in 2020, was an adaptation of the graphic novel “Ciudad” by Ande Parks and the Russo brothers (“Avengers: Endgame,” “Gray Man”). The titular character accepts a mission to rescue the son of an international drug lord from kidnappers, unaware of the immense risk involved. The execution of this deadly mission in the dark underworld of arms and drug dealers pushes the boundaries of possibility and forever changes the lives of Rake and the kidnapped boy.

In “Tyler Rake 2,” an elite commando who has narrowly escaped death is once again entrusted with a risky task. This time, he must save the imprisoned family of a ruthless Georgian gangster. The mission becomes personal when Rake discovers that the thug’s wife is the sister of his former partner. His journey to Eastern Europe becomes an opportunity for redemption from his past sins.

The cast of “Tyler Rake 2” includes Chris Hemsworth, Olga Kurylenko, Golshifteh Farahani, Adam Bessa, and Tornike Gogrichiani, among others. The screenplay was written by Joe Russo, who also serves as a producer alongside his brother.

In our review of the film, we note that nearly every shot features dynamic camera movement, creating a sense of urgency and restlessness. This fast-paced cinema style characterizes the film. As for Rake himself, he is portrayed as an unstoppable force, a tank capable of toppling even the Norse god of thunder and lightning. His dilemmas serve merely as springboards for the next action scene, leaving us with the question of “how” rather than “if.” Such conventions are what audiences and ourselves desire, even if we may not openly admit it. It’s certain that “Tyler Rake 2,” like its predecessor, will be a streaming sensation.

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