Unbelievable Horror: New image for “Evil Dead Rise” shows the transformation of a “Vikings” star

Producer Bruce Campbell himself has revealed a new picture of the upcoming Evil Dead Rise, which appears to show the beginning of the new horror.

The dictionary describes the term “horror” as “experience-based, terrified shudder” or as “terrified state”. That applies pretty well to a new picture that horror icon Bruce Campbell has now published as part of the BruceFest at the Stanley Hotel, known from “The Shining”.

As fans know, the demons known as Deadites will once again haunt the innocent and cause unimaginable horror. Directed by director Lee Cronin (‘The Hole in the Ground’) and produced by creator Sam Raimi (‘Drag Me to Hell’) and co-star Bruce Campbell (‘Army of Darkness’), the horror film ‘Evil Dead Rise’ was originally scheduled to appear in to be released this year via the streaming service HBO Max.

According to those involved, the audience reactions were overwhelming after the first test screenings, but those responsible at Warner Bros. Discovery are said to have been so convinced of the horror film’s potential that the plans were thrown overboard and a theatrical release was made possible.

Of course, the strategy of the new CEO David Zaslav could also be hidden behind it, that works with potential for a hit should not just be burned as streaming ammunition. But that shouldn’t take anything away from the hope of an actually good horror flick, otherwise Zaslav, who is considered to be a tough businessman, could have simply canceled the film, like “Batgirl”, and used it as a tax write-off.

But back to the new image from Evil Dead Rise that Bruce Campbell just revealed. This one is far less graphic than the last image director Cronin released on Halloween, but has a far more sinister and sinister vibe to it:


In “Evil Dead Rise” it comes to the utmost horror
Two things stand out about “Evil Dead Rise”, which on the one hand breathe new (un)life into the cult horror series and on the other hand open up a new dimension of horror, whereby only the cinema films are counted here, not the great series ” Ash vs Evil Dead”: For the first time, the action does not take place in a remote hut in the middle of a forest, which should drastically increase the death toll, and the focus is not on friends, as has been the case so far, but on family.

The image published by Campbell shows Beth (“Vikings” star Alyssa Sutherland) in the foreground, with her sister Ellie (Lilly Sullivan) and their three children in the background. The worried looks of family members and Beth’s blank stare with a rolled eye make it clear that something sinister is happening here. Fans know this could be the moment for Beth to transform. The first picture that Cronin published already showed what it will look like later.

The thought that the possessed Beth will drag her family and the entire apartment complex into a whirlwind of violence and death already makes the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. The big question here is how the infamous Necronomicon got into the Los Angeles skyscraper in the first place.

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