“Wednesday” Season 2: How and when will it continue?

The Wednesday Addams series, which has been eagerly awaited by many “Addams Family” fans, is currently breaking all records. What we already know about season 2 and who the stalker could be, we’ll tell you here!

The morbid, cynical, and sometimes murderous daughter of Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez Addams (Luis Guzmán), and icon of many misfit youth, has finally gotten her own spin-off. And that hit like a bomb: With an unbelievable 341.2 million streaming hours in the first week, the series even tops Netflix’s workhorse “Stranger Things”!

Directed by Tim Burton – and one almost wants to exclaim “Who else?”. The expert for macabre and morbid is absolutely in his element here.

When does season 2 of Wednesday start on Netflix?

There is currently no official confirmation for Season 2 of “Wednesday” by Netflix or even a release date. However, the minds behind the series are optimistic about a sequel to “Wednesday”: Alfred Gough and Miles Millar have already stated that they still see a lot of potential in the story of the Addams Family.

Given the show’s runaway success, it’s only a matter of time before Season 2 of “Wednesday” gets the green light. After the shooting of season 1 took about half a year, it could be ready towards the end of 2023 – provided that shooting starts in spring 2023 at the latest. As soon as a concrete start date for “Wednesday” Season 2 has been set, we will keep you informed here.

Wednesday and the ice cold hand
The icy hand helps Wednesday find the killer © Courtesy of Netflix 2022

Wednesday Season 2: Who’s the Stalker?

At the end of season one, Wednesday learns that she has a stalker. A pretty crass cliffhanger that raises high hopes for a second season of “Wednesday”. But who could the stalker be? Season 2 of “Wednesday” will surely provide an answer to this question. But we can already make assumptions at this point.

The most obvious option is Wednesday’s friend Xavier. After all, he is the one who gives her her first mobile phone, on which she promptly receives the stalker’s messages. However, the question then arises as to how Xavier got hold of the photos that the stalker sent Wednesday. For that he would have to have at least one accomplice. In addition, Xavier is currently still missing a clear motive for wanting to harm her – but maybe we will learn more about that in season 2?

Morticia and Gomez Addams are still in love on the show © Courtesy of Netflix 2022

Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the cult films of the 90s, plays the role of Marilyn Thornhill aka Laurel Gates in the series adaptation, who is exposed in the season finale as the wanted murderess. It remains to be seen whether she survives – if so, she could be out for revenge and possibly be the stalker.

Or is the mysterious cult behind it, which is only hinted at from episode 5? To paraphrase Wednesday’s final words of the last episode: The suspense is killing us!

In the series, Wednesday reveals her writing ambitions © Courtesy of Netflix 2022

“Wednesday” Season 2: Showrunners want to show more of the Addams Family

The showrunners revealed in an interview with TVLine that the remaining members of the Addams Family could also be further examined in a possible subsequent season 2. Above all, they want to focus more on the relationship between Wednesday and her mother Morticia. Nevertheless, the focus should of course continue to be on the eponymous Wednesday, which will continue to learn in the future not to see the world quite so black and white and to allow more and more friendships.

Wednesday and her roommate Enid (Emma Myers) couldn’t be more different – at least at first glance © Courtesy of Netflix 2022

Storyline of “Wednesday” on Netflix: That’s what it’s all about

When Wednesday, after a brutal prank, is sent from her suburban high school to Nevermore Academy – the boarding school where her parents fell in love – she finds herself in a whole new position: suddenly she’s not the only one anymore Outsider, because the venerable institution is teeming with “freaks”. From werewolves to gorgons and sirens to vampires, everything is represented here.

The first thing to do now is to find your way through the jungle of social hierarchies at school. Wednesday must also grapple with her burgeoning psychic abilities, solve an old family secret and, to top it all off, solve a series of murders.

Leading actress Jenna Ortega at the “Wednesday” premiere © Getty Images for Netflix

“Wednesday” actress Jenna Ortega convinces

Even if not all of the gags, which sometimes seem a bit forced and dark, land, the series mostly hits the deep black humor known and loved from the “Addams Family” films. Jenna Ortega is also convincing as Wednesday. In recent years, the 20-year-old has made a name for herself as a scream queen in several horror and thriller productions such as “You”, “Scream 6” or “X” and lives up to it in “Wednesday”.

She manages to subtly elicit emotions from Wednesday’s traditionally expressionless facial expressions, especially since the character also learns over time to allow a certain amount of closeness to some of her new classmates. This may seem like a betrayal of the original character to some, but Wednesday’s personality development creates a depth not previously seen in the films, which is also necessary to keep the series format exciting.

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