Will the director of “Mad Max” shoot “Thor 5” with Chris Hemsworth?

George Miller, the creator of the “Mad Max” series, is so impressed with Chris Hemsworth in “Furiosa,” the latest installment, that he’s already offering himself for future projects. Miller is even willing to direct the 5th installment of “Thor” as long as Hemsworth is involved. Is this likely to happen?

George Miller wants to direct “Thor” with Chris Hemsworth

“I would love to work with Chris on anything. I really would. He’s a wonderful actor. He has a broad range of skills,” Miller said. But his admiration for Hemsworth goes much further:

“You have to be physically fit. But you also have to be emotionally and intellectually fit to take on such a complex role. So, I was very lucky with the entire cast, especially that Anya and Chris fit so well together, especially towards the end of the month.”

What are the chances for “Thor 5”?

The last part of “Thor” – “Love and Thunder” – was not warmly received by either critics or audiences. Hemsworth himself recently admitted that he let Taika Waititi lead him astray and regrets his role. However, he also expressed a desire to make it up to the viewers. So, the door to his return remains open. Marvel reportedly isn’t giving up on the 5th installment either.

It’s only known that Waititi won’t return as the director. The position is therefore up for grabs.

Would George Miller be the right person for the job?

Watch the trailer for “Furiosa: Mad Max Saga.”

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