“Extraction 3” on the way. Joe Russo is writing the screenplay

Plans for the third installment of “Extraction” were revealed just a day after the premiere of “Extraction 2” on Netflix. However, since then – in June 2023 – no further details have been provided. Every piece of information is therefore currently as good as gold.

Just a few days ago, Joe Russo himself, co-director of “Avengers: Endgame” among others, and the author of the story for the first two “Extraction” films, revealed that he will also write the screenplay for the third installment.

Here’s what he disclosed:

“Yes, we are currently working on it. We are considering bringing back Sam Hargrave as the director.

It’s an interesting series because Extraction is a very emotionally wounded character, so it’s a well-told story. And his relationship with violence is based on self-disgust. And guilt. I think there’s a lot to tell there.”

“Extraction” – the series

The “Extraction” series has seen two installments so far. In both, Chris Hemsworth portrays an Australian mercenary. The first film, based on a graphic novel, was released on Netflix in April 2020; Rake rescued the kidnapped son of an Indian drug lord in Bangladesh. The film broke viewing records, becoming the most-watched original title on Netflix at the time.

The second installment premiered in April 2023. Set nine months after the first part, Rake this time undertakes to save a battered family from a ruthless Georgian gangster.

The plot of the third installment is kept secret. However, it is expected that Idris Elba will return to the screen after appearing in the sequel.

“Extraction” – trailer

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