Zombies will feast! What a cast for “28 Years Later.”

This news will delight all fans of “28 Days Later” and “28 Weeks Later.” Danny Boyle has finally begun casting for the sequel, “28 Years Later.” The cast is shaping up impressively.

Bond’s favorite versus zombies

Deadline portal reveals three names of individuals who will star in “28 Years Later.” Two of them are new, one is a confirmation of earlier reports by Daniel Richtman.

The new acquisitions are:

Aaron Taylor-Johnson (currently a favorite for the role of Bond, soon to be seen in the film “Kicker”) GettyImages-1441514484.jpg Getty Images © Theo Wargo Ralph Fiennes (recently seen in Wes Anderson’s short films, including the Oscar-winning short “The Grand Budapest Hotel”) Deadline also confirmed her participation:

Jodie Comer (star of the series “Killing Eve,” soon to be seen in cinemas in the film “Bikers”) “28 Years Later” marks the beginning of a trilogy

Details of the film are being kept secret. It is known that Danny Boyle and Alex Garland have developed it. The former is also the director.

However, the film is supposed to be the beginning of an entirely new story. Boyle and Garland will oversee its creation, but the second part will be directed by Nia DaCosta. Work on it will begin shortly after the completion of filming for the first part.

“28 Days Later” hit theaters in 2002. A deadly virus escapes control. Transmitted through blood, it causes murderous aggression in the infected. Within 28 days, the country is overrun by the epidemic, and the few remaining survivors try at all costs to stop the virus from spreading and save the future. They are unaware that the deadly virus is not the only threat looming over them.

Trailer for the film “28 Days Later”

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