“Jackass” returns with a new TV series at Paramount +

The madness never seems to end, to the delight of the fans.

Following the success of the fourth feature film “Jackass Forever”, Paramount + has managed to persuade the creators to return with a new TV series. Variety reports that Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish shared the good news with a presentation of the company’s quarterly results.

However, it was not clear how far in the future the new “Jackass” series is planned to have its premiere. But original members Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O are said to be at least part of the series, despite the fact that the creators themselves have previously said that they are getting too old for their increasingly dangerous stunts and pranks.

It would therefore not be entirely unthinkable that the series could try to transfer responsibility to the “Jackass” gang’s younger and newer abilities, so that Paramount can continue to come up with new crazy projects also in the future.

The first “Jackass” series aired on MTV during three mini-seasons between 2000-2001, which also led to the spin-off series “Wildboyz” and “Viva La Bam”. As early as May 20, however, we will get to see the “new” movie “Jackass 4.5” on Netflix, a movie that consists of the extra material that did not fit in “Jackass Forever”.

Will you continue to follow the madness of the “Jackass” gang in the new TV series? Or is it starting to get too much? Feel free to comment below!

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