Viola Davis gets a spinoff series for “Peacemaker” on HBO Max

The spin-off series will follow the character Amanda Waller after the events at the end of the first season of “Peacemaker”.
Variety reports that Oscar winner Viola Davis (“Fences”) is in negotiations to return to the role of Amanda Waller, who is now scheduled to have her own spin-off series on HBO Max.

She has previously played the character in James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” and “Peacemaker” (and also in David Ayers’ “Suicide Squad”). And considering how the first season of “Peacemaker” ended, there are undeniably plenty of interesting things to expose Waller to in his own TV series.

However, this spin-off series should not be confused with the new “Suicide Squad” spin-off or the second season of “Peacemaker” that James Gunn is working on. Gunn is said to be only involved in the Amanda Waller series as executive producer, while the script will be written by screenwriter Christal Henry (“Watchmen”).

Pig Warner Bros. or HBO Max has confirmed the news, so there’s still a chance the negotiations with Davis will not lead to any series at all. Davis is currently in the role of Michelle Obama in the miniseries “The First Lady” on Paramount +.

Here you can see our entire conversation with James Gunn and John Cena about the first season of “Peacemaker”:

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