“Oscar race: Will Mexico beat the Polish “Farmers”?”

“The number of countries competing for this year’s Oscar for Best International Feature Film has increased to 63. In addition to Poland, yesterday we learned about the candidates from Mexico, Hong Kong, and Albania.

“Totem” – Mexico’s Candidate

This year, Mexico has chosen the film “Totem” as its submission. It premiered at the Berlin Festival.

Seven-year-old Sol spends the day at her grandfather’s house, helping with preparations for a surprise party for her father. As time passes, her surroundings slowly descend into chaos, destroying the family’s foundations.

Mexico only recently won its first statuette, courtesy of Netflix’s production “Roma.”

Trailer for the film “Totem”

Hong Kong Aims to Impress the Academy

Hong Kong’s submission premiered last year at the Tokyo Festival. It’s the drama “Dang fo laan saan.”

The film is an intimate story about a woman whose life plunges into darkness after her husband’s death. Her salvation comes from fulfilling her late husband’s dream – creating neon signs.

Hong Kong has received three nominations so far. However, none have turned into a statuette.

Trailer for the film “Dang fo laan saan”

Albania, Another Country Banking on a Documentary

The pool of documentaries in the Oscar race has expanded with a film from Albania. The country’s submission is “Alexander.”

The film tells the story of the price Albanians are willing to pay for freedom. The documentary’s protagonist is Aleksandër Gruda, a ship mechanic who, in 1990, hijacked a naval ship and escaped from Albania.

Albania has consistently competed for an Oscar since the 2009 edition but is still awaiting its first nomination.

Trailer for the film “Alexander”

OSCARS 2024: List of titles vying for nominations in the Best International Feature Film category

Films eligible for the Oscar in the Best International Feature Film category are those that have entered regular distribution in their respective countries between December 1, 2022, and October 31, 2023. Submissions can be made until October 2. Nominations will be announced on January 23, 2024.”

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