We know when “Sound of Freedom” will hit streaming platforms in America

One of the biggest hits of the American cinema this summer – “Sound of Freedom” – will soon be available. Angel Studios revealed the plans for the digital distribution of the movie.

Where will “Sound of Freedom” be available?

In America, the movie “Sound of Freedom” will make its digital debut on October 13th through the Angel Studios app.

The movie will be available on standard SVOD platforms on November 3rd. Shortly after, on November 14th, the film will be released in physical form on DVD and Blu-ray.

“Sound of Freedom” – The story of Tim Ballard, who captivated crowds

The starting point for the film directed by Alejandro Monteverde, with Jim Caviezel known from “Passion” in the lead role, is the story of Tim Ballard. He was a former government agent who founded the Operation Underground Railroad organization in 2013, focusing on combating human trafficking, especially involving children.

“Sound of Freedom” is dedicated to his efforts in Colombia, where Ballard went to rescue children from the hands of human traffickers.

Work on the screenplay began in 2015. It was then that Ballard insisted Caviezel play his character. The filming took place in 2018.

Originally, “Sound of Freedom” was intended to be distributed by the Latin American branch of 20th Century Fox. However, the film became one of many casualties of Disney’s acquisition of the studio, as Disney was not interested in it. The main producer, Eduardo Verástegui, then bought the distribution rights and, after extensive searching, reached an agreement with Angel Studios, founded in 2021.

The new distributor decided to promote the film among conservative Americans. That’s why, instead of a Friday release, they opted for a Tuesday premiere, as it coincided with Independence Day. This strategy proved to be a bullseye, making the film one of the biggest cinematic hits of the year.

“Sound of Freedom” quickly became a subject of controversy and conspiracy theories, on both sides of the political spectrum. The right-wing often referred to the film as “forbidden” and claimed that cinemas did not want to show it (even though it was shown in over 3,400 theaters at its peak). On the other hand, the left-wing attacked the creators and the “pay it forward” campaign, claiming that the showings were sold out, but there were no people in the theaters. The film was also accused of supporting fringe QAnon theories, even though there were no direct references to them in the movie.

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