What animation program does Pixar use in its movies?

There is magic behind Pixar movies, right? It’s lovely to go into the cinema and see the love and affection that the studio has poured into animation, but that’s not enough! It takes a lot of work and Pixar has technology as its main ally.

Maybe you’ve already asked yourself: – After all, what program does Pixar use to make its movies? That’s the topic of today’s article, folks! To find out, just take a look below!

What program does Pixar use?
Pixar has delighted us with the quality of the animations for years, but the last few films have delivered a level of realism that even scares. You can even see the threads of the clothes, the hair moving in the wind, not to mention the quality of lighting, as in Soul.

The person responsible for all this is called RenderMan, software created by the company back in the 1990s, and which over the years has been used by other studios to create their effects, such as in Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. Amazing, huh?

In constant evolution, the program uses complex algorithms to create photorealistic images in 3D environments. That’s why movies are so beautiful, you know?

Joe Gardner from the movie Soul (Image: Playback/Disney/Pixar)

Free use of RenderMan
It would be a shame if the program was restricted, right? But look how cool: Pixar makes it available for free for lovers of the seventh art who seek to use it for non-commercial purposes! Amazing, huh? Also, you can find some tutorials, from basics to advanced, to familiarize yourself with RenderMan.

The program even won an Oscar for its importance in the technical development of cinema, can you believe it? But even so, the program used by Pixar in the animations doesn’t do everything by itself, okay? It is used in rendering and needs assistance from other programs such as Katana and Maya.

If you love animations, you need to know this program that is a milestone in the history of cinema! That’s all for today, people, but I’ll be back with more curiosities about cinema for you.

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