Worldwide Box Office: Chocolate Served! “Wonka” Conquers the World

While America awaits holiday premieres, the rest of the world is already enjoying the first of them. “Wonka” has hit theaters in 37 countries and has decisively outperformed the competition.

The new film starring Timothée Chalamet debuted at the top spot in 32 countries, resulting in weekend earnings of approximately $33.7 million. Since it was already available in many parts of the world earlier, by the end of the week, it accumulated $43.2 million. This surpasses expectations, which predicted around $35 million.

Nearly 1/4 of the earnings come from the United Kingdom, where “Wonka” dominated the cinema market, earning $11.1 million. The film also had an excellent start in Mexico ($5.2 million), Spain ($4.4 million), and Germany ($3.6 million). Although China boasts the fifth-best global film opening, “Wonka” did not make it into the top five in the local rankings.

The trailer for the film “Wonka.”

The second spot goes to the latest Indian action sensation, “Animal.” This intense film earned a remarkable $16.1 million, bringing its global earnings to $117 million, according to comScore data.

Completing the podium is “Napoleon,” which experienced slight declines but earned an additional $15.6 million. Although the historical spectacle premiered in South Korea last week, it faced tough competition from a local mega-hit, earning only $0.6 million over the weekend and $1.1 million since Wednesday. Nevertheless, foreign earnings exceeded $100 million ($117.7 million), and global earnings reached $170.8 million, making “Napoleon” Ridley Scott’s 11th highest-grossing film.

In fourth place is the first of many new Chinese releases, “Man Tian Guo Hai” (The Invisible Guest), a remake of the Spanish film “Contratiempo. Niewidzialny gość.” It earned $13.5 million in the first three days.

The fifth spot goes to Disney’s animated film “Wish” with $11.9 million. The film premiered in Denmark last week, where it earned $700,000, nearly twice as much as “Między nami żywiołami.” The animation has now surpassed $100 million globally ($105.5 million), but many significant cinema markets are still awaiting its premiere.

Meanwhile, in South Korea, “Seo-ul-eui Bom” (12.12: The Day) continues its strong performance. During the third weekend, earnings dropped by only 12%, reaching $11.4 million. No Korean film this year can boast a better cumulative result ($50.9 million). By the end of the week, it will become the highest-grossing premiere of the year, surpassing “Między nami żywiołami” ($53.8 million).

In the seventh position is the last Hollywood production in the ranking, “Igrzyska śmierci: Ballada ptaków i węży.” The film is selling well worldwide, with a modest 26% decline. Last weekend, the movie earned $11 million, bringing the total to $143.3 million. Global earnings are approaching $300 million (currently $279 million).

The remaining three positions are occupied by three new releases from China, or rather, two premieres and one film officially set to premiere on Friday but was presented in advance screenings last weekend.

At number eight is “Zhao Ming Shang Dian” (Love Life Light) with $10.6 million. The film had advance screenings a week ago, earning a total of $15.3 million.

In the ninth position is “San da dui” (Endless Journey). The film will officially hit theaters on December 15, but in advance screenings, it has already earned $9.7 million.

Occupying the tenth spot is “Bao Lie Dian” (Bursting Point). In the first three days, the film earned $8.6 million.

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