Emmy Awards Cancelled! Reason: Actors and Screenwriters on Strike

We have another victim of the ongoing strikes by actors and writers. The American Television Academy and FOX have confirmed what has been known to most for some time: the Emmy Awards ceremony, the most important of which was supposed to take place on September 18, has been cancelled.

Will the 75th Emmy Awards be presented?

Although the Emmys are awarded in dozens of categories, during the gala broadcast by FOX, they will be presented in only 25 categories. Out of these, 16 are associated with striking actors and screenwriters. Therefore, the transmission would be sparsely attended, and the venue would be an empty room.

However, the awards themselves have not been canceled yet. Voting for Emmy winners will begin on August 17.

When the awards ceremony will take place is not yet known. The Deadline portal suggests that we may have to wait quite a long time, possibly until January. Both the Television Academy and FOX want the event to take place after the end of the strikes.

The studios are defying the strikers and are seeking AI specialists.

One of the biggest bones of contention is artificial intelligence. Both actors and screenwriters demand regulation of the rules regarding its use. Actors are afraid that their images will be used without their knowledge, consent, and, of course, without payment. Screenwriters are concerned that they will receive meager compensation for their ideas for films, as the scripts might be prepared by artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the recruitment frenzy has just begun. Netflix stirred up controversy when it was revealed that the company was looking for an AI product manager, to whom it intends to pay $900,000 a year.

Disney, in turn, will pay $180,000 a year to a specialist who has ambitions to push the limits of what AI is capable of. Disney Streaming Advanced Research is also searching for someone to develop avatar personalization technology.

Sony AI America is seeking an AI “Ethics” engineer (whatever that means). Amazon, Apple, and other major players in Hollywood are also investing in artificial intelligence.

Emmys 2023: Which shows received the most nominations?

The nominations for the 75th Emmy Awards were announced two weeks ago. The series “Sukcesja” leads with the most nominations, having received 27.

“The Last of Us” and “White Lotus” were not far behind. The former received 24 nominations, while the latter received 23.

Among the comedy series, the leader is “Ted Lasso” with 21 nominations.

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